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Imperial Pomeade

Rule 1 of Army EOD: Look Cool

As an Army EOD Officer, I took great pride in my hair. It was a sign of our independence from the rest of the Army. Other Soldiers were required to keep “high and tights” with no hair touching the ears. Over in the EOD world, our golden locks blew in the Colorado wind.

Having good hair comes down to two things:

  1. Getting a good barber
  2. Using great hair product

There is an epidemic within a 50-mile radius of all military bases. If you are a military aged male, no matter what cut you asked for in a barber shop, you got the good ol’ high and tight. Every time I moved to a new base, priority one was to find a barber that would give me a quality cut. If you don’t invest in a quality cut from a barber, stop reading, you don’t deserve this product!

Finding the Right Product

Receiving a quality hair cut is only half of the equation. A cut is only as good as the product you use.

Go into any grocery store, Target, Walmart or pharmacy across the land and you will find many choices of hair product. From gels to mousse, you have a lot of options and I have tried almost all of them.

  • Gels: It is not 1995 and Smashmouth is not on the top 40 chart. Usually leaves a lot of gunk, is too stiff and high shine.
  • Mousse: My mom uses mousse so there is that… Does not do much for holding a style and you cannot renew the look through the day.
  • Hair Serum: Save yourself some money and use the olive oil in your kitchen.
  • Hairspray: Really?

Store Isle


You may be thinking “Andrew, they have pomade at the store.” You would be correct. Recently, a lot of brands have started making pomades; Axe is the most prolific. These options are a lot better than anything else at large retail store. I am sure there are a lot of men who use them, and are happy. If that is you, you keep rocking that Axe pomade.

But if you are looking for something superior, then Imperial Pomade is a brand you should try.

I buy this. At $14.50, it is priced higher than any pomade that you can get at Walmart but it is worth it.

  1. It might be more expensive but a little goes a long way. I use it every morning and it lasts about 2 months
  2. It has a high hold without making your hair look like the Lego Movie.
  3. It is water based so it washed out easily and you can easily restyle it half way through the day at the bathroom sink.


If you are like like an EOD technician and take pride in your hair, try Imperial Pomade. But don’t take my word for it, head over to Amazon  and read some of the 550 reviews with an average of 4.5 stars.


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