Project: Coffee Bar

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Coffee bar final front

My wife has always wanted a coffee bar. If you do not know what this is, search Pinterest and feast your eyes! Now that we have a house of our own, we have the perfect place for one in our kitchen. Not only will it give us an extra cabinet for storage, but it will also take a few things off of the countertop.

I am still not 100% on board with the idea but here I am… still building it.

Start with a Cabinet

My wife picked out this Shanty 2 Chic cabinet. We liked the overall design of it but I heavily modified the plan.

I opted to build the body of the cabinet like a traditional cabinet. A lot of the DIY sites build things in a way that does not make sense if you have experience in woodworking. There is nothing wrong with that at all (that is where I started in 2015). But if you have a bit of background or access to more woodworking tools, it usually yield a better product in the long run.

So I set out to make a cabinet out of prefinished plywood 18 inches deep and 34×34 square. If you have never build a cabinet before, It is not hard at all. Here are some resources on the general idea.

Face Frame and Doors

After the cabinet was build, I applied the face frame. The face frame is just strips of solid wood that are applied to the face (who would have thought) over the exposed plywood edges. They give the cabinet a finished look, add some decorative detail, and usually are what you have the doors from. My process for building the face frame was

  1. Rip a pine 1×4 in half, creating 2 1x2s
  2. Measure an area
  3. Cut a 1×2 on the miter saw to match
  4. Lay down a bead of glue on the plywood edge
  5. Attach the 1×2 section with a brad nailer

Face frame to cabinet

Once I have the face frame in place, I moved on to the doors. I used 1×2 material to create a simple frame and assembled it using 2 pocket screws at each corner. I recommend having the two sides of the frame that run verticle (traditionally called the rails) run the full length of the door and the shorter horizontal pieces sandwiched between (knows as the stiles).

Build Complete

After attaching the doors to the face frame with some hardware, the build was complete. This is where we were.

Paint and Final Touches

Our new house is white on white on white and we do not plan on painting the walls anytime soon. To add some more color, my wife decided on this shade of blue. It is a very pale grey/blue that is subtle but will look great against the white walls.

I put 2 coats of paint on everything and attached the top. When it finds it final home, we will put wire in each of the doors. Here is the final product!

Here is the final product!

Coffee bar final front Coffee bar left side coffee bar corner detail Coffee Bar front with open doors Coffee Bar right side

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